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It is a volunteer-run initiative we are trying to create a collaborative place with a mission to give back to society, please join us to make this world a better place to live in


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We have reached a point where every responsible citizen has to take out time to work on our short-term memory and start thinking about our future generation


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We believe every human being is an amazing soul with amount full of experiences that can be helpful for others in multiple manners. Share your experiences to give meaning to your life.

About Our Initiative

The idea behind this initiative is very simple and clear to create a place for like-minded souls

Come Join us to make this world a better place to live in

Let's Give Back To Society

we are present in

Faridabad, Delhi NCR

Headquarters is aiming to be a Research Centre

We've Written & Performed

10+ Musical Productions

More Than

People Trained



3 Countries

Self Love, Meditation

Our mission is to make everyone feel safe & valued

We believe by birth we all are very pure creations but as time passes we encounter so many impurities unintentionally and because of our busy schedules. Our polluted surroundings will not allow us to clear the unwanted. We are trying to create an environment to restore our actual well-being for a better and purposeful life.

“We can do no great things only small things with great love”


What We Do

We are researching but not limited to various walks of life and regularly trying to increase our area of research


It is the most empowering force in the world. It creates knowledge, builds confidence & breaks down barriers to opportunity. Are we really getting the education that we really deserve?

Health and Nutrition

Nutrition education is the process of teaching the science of nutrition to an individual or group. Health professionals have a different role in educating an individual in the clinic, community, or long-term healthcare facility.


Meditation has the immense power to gain back your self-awareness, focusing on the present and reducing the negative emotions to live a happy life.

Yoga & Fitness

We all are aware of the multiple benefits of yoga but still, only a few are able to implement it in our life. Being fit is the best gift anyone can have.

Give help where it's needed most

Credibly target cooperative experiences after distinctive initiatives. Quickly underwhelm alternative e-tailers before low-risk high-yield process improvements

Causes that can't wait

Basic Sanitization

We believe few areas are considered to be a Pataal Lok as they still do not fall under Swacchh Bharat Mission

Social Media Syndrome

We all are unknowingly getting trapped in this social media and killing our time, life, mental health, and relationships, in short killing our future

Regain Our Farming Skills

If we look back to 2/3 decades having a house garden was a normal and essential thing in our homes providing us with basic crops and multiple health benefits

What our Volunteers have to say

One fine day we all have to leave this world but taking our learnings & experience with us is going to be disrespectful to the supreme soul who is the actual owner of our life and rented us to live happily.

Fatang Nakul

The purpose of life should always be to balance between essentials and desires.

Dr Rajat

Our two eyes can capture the physical world, that which can block light but are blind to all else. Only by opening the third eye can one perceive that which is seen and unseen. It is a homecoming, a settling back into yourself.

BIkramjit Ghosh

Become Volunteer

Om Retreat Centre is a volunteer-run initiative by Sankat Mochan Shri Balaji Mandir Trust (Regd.) that aims to bring awareness, positivity, and physical, mental and spiritual well-being to everyone. We aim to create a collaborative space away from the city’s hustle & stressed lifestyle.

Upcoming Events

Taking part in any of our events means you’ll be a part of something special

Shri Ram Katha

Ram Katha is a beautiful way to help people to win over stress and tension in life. It can be used as a toolkit for better relationships with family, friends, co-workers and even strangers!

07 AM

April 1


Basic training course in Musical Production

It's an initiative to form an Artist group in Faridabad to perform Shri Ram Katha and a few other productions

05 PM

Kalash Yatra

Join us for prabhat pheri on the occasion of Shri ram Katha on 1 April 2023 You Need to register by 10th March 2023

06 AM

1 Apr

Basic training course of Meta-Facilitation

Credibly supply optimal core competencies for next-generation outsourcing.


AUG 21

Tower Run

Credibly supply optimal core competencies for next-generation outsourcing. Interactively scale quality niches with robust core competencies


AUG 28

Courage Classic bicycle tour

Credibly supply optimal core competencies for next-generation outsourcing. Interactively scale quality niches with robust core competencies


AUG 16

Restoring hope, building dignity